This month’s volunteer spotlight is Lorena Stratton. April 2022, we welcomed Lorena Stratton to the HHEAL family. Lorena came to us because she missed being around horses. Now she is able to help us give our horses even more love and attention!! Lorena is a beloved mom to two beautiful and amazing girls and a […]


This month’s volunteer spotlight is Cami Castelli. Cami can always be found on Wednesdays and Saturdays either helping with sessions or helping new volunteers learn the ropes. Cami came to us wanting to get experience with equine therapy and children since she has always wanted to be a Hippotherapist.  When asked what she has learned […]


This month’s spotlight volunteer is Jade Brave. Jade has been with us since February 2021. She started volunteering with us because she loves horses, and she needed volunteer hours for school. When Jade is not spending time with her grandma and her dog, you will find her participating on the exercise team, the drill team, […]


This month’s spotlight is being directed toward our Grace Fowler. If you have had the amazing opportunity to meet Grace, you will know firsthand how much she cares about everyone she comes into contact with. Grace has been volunteering for us since May 2021. Before Grace started volunteering with us, she would take private lessons, […]


This month’s Volunteer Spotlight has been with us since August 2021. Pam used to be an instructor and barn manager at another facility in Oklahoma, so she is not a stranger to the workings of a therapeutic barn. Pam says that since she has been here, she has learned that there are many different teaching […]


Our spotlight volunteer for this month has been around since May 2019! Joan Walker will always be found here at the barn on Tuesdays. When Joan first came to the area, she wanted to get involved in the community. When Joan is at the barn, she is either preparing for sessions, leading, side-walking, or training […]


There is a good chance that everyone has run into this month’s spotlight volunteer, whether you have come to visit on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Our snowbird, Diane, joined the HHEAL family in December 2021. Since then, she has been working hard to help bring every one of our riders joy and happiness during […]


If you come to the barn in the winter months, you are sure to see one of our amazing snowbirds hard at work, Gaylord Coston. Gaylord has been with us since January 2017, helping us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will always find him working around the barn, helping get ready for sessions, or even […]


When meeting Kevin, he will always keep you laughing, which is why it is incredible to find out that he is actually a shy person and is working on being more social. Kevin Prior decided to join us here at HHEAL in 2019 after meeting Kayla and Kirsten, who told him about volunteering opportunities here […]


“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was walking through the gate of Heartland Horses.” ~Gail Trepicone~ Gail Trepicone has been a volunteer with HHEAL for 14 years. When Gail retired, she and her husband of 54 years became snowbirds, traveling between Michigan, where they raised their two children, in the summer and Florida […]